Friday, August 19, 2005

Interesting Observation regarding HTTP adapter receive codes

I had an interesting discussion with my co worker. The ASP.Net page I deigned to pass XML through HTTP POST to Biztalk was returning code "200" for succesful submission. The discussion rotated around the fact that this code is being send by webserver or Biztalk. According to MSFT website, code 202 is returned by one-way receive port and code 200 is returned by Http "Request-Response" port. Since we are using one way port, we should be getting a 202 message from Biztalk if any. But we are getting 200. I also read somewhere that Biztalk looks for 200 message from webserver before it starts processing files. This lead me to believe that 200 is infact sent my webserver. But, I am not entirely convinced by it.

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