Sunday, August 07, 2005

ASP.Net issue

In my present project, I had to create an ASP.Net page to receive XML documents and pass it do biztalk on basis of Query string: This is what I found out.

1) Ensure that the "Virtual Directory" in IIS where the ASPX is located is configured for Execute permissions for "Scripts and Executibles"

2) Unlike ASP page where we use "server" object, ASP.Net takes the incoming XML as "stream". Be very careful in converting the stream to array and then to string. Make sure that the stream is "encoded" while its being received by ASPX and "decoded" while it is being sent by ASPX page to Biztalk.

3) I have seen some sample code on various website using ASCII encoding. I had lots of problems with it and after wasting several hours I found out that "UTF-8" encoding is the one that does the trick.

4) Last and not the least: Do not forget to restart the IIS (Run Command "iisreset") when you get 500 errror.

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