Wednesday, August 24, 2005

"Call" Orchestration and Dynamic Ports

In my present project there came a requirement to create a "common orchestration" that would take the "response" XML from PSFT and apply business rules. This "common orchestration" should work with all present Orchestrations that are already on production. This Orchestration has to be very flexible and accommodate the various possible parameters from Main orchestration.

This "Common Orchestration" is just like any another orchestration but will have NO "Receive" shapes. I used an "Request-Response" "dynamic" port that will read PSFT HTTP gateway address from REGISTRY KEY. The two-way dynamic port will receive status XML from PSFT and analyze the node for "success" and "failure". If it is a failure then the "Main Orchestration" will go in suspended mode but "resumable". Once the error is fixed, manual intervention will be required to send the message again by resuming it using HAT. An error message will be generated in the event viewer so the Production support people can be informed.

Main Orchestration will call this "Common Orchestration" using "Call Shape" and pass the parameters.

I used the following code for the dynamic port: PortName(Microsoft.XLANGs.BaseTypes.Address) = getmethodURL()

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