Tuesday, January 03, 2006

FileMove Application and "MessageBox" error

Recently, I was asked to create an application that will replace an existing VB application. The application was to move the Files from a common location and drop them to a different destination based on the FileName. The File Name had the destination name in it. This is what I did:

1) Created a simple Orchestration with single receive port that will have filter for every possible file. i.e. pdf, dat, xml, txt etc.

2) Create a Dynamic port

3) Create a "Helper" class in VB.net. This will parse the incoming file name to extract the URI for dynamic port. This URI will determine where the file should be routed too.

I set up the whole project but found some interesting facts:

1) If the URI is blank for some reasons. You will get the following error in the eventvwr.

"Exception occured when persisting state to database".

2) The syntax for the URI for dynamic port will be.


The start of the URI will tell the port that it is a "FILE" adapter. The rest will give the complete path to drop the file.

3) While using File.ReceiveFileName in the expression share. It will not only give the whole filename but also the path of the receive folder. In order to get the actual FileName, one will have to parse the whole path string.

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