Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Batching Non-EDI received documents

EDI Batching in Biztalk is done using Batching orchestration that is shipped with Biztalk. This batching orchestration is directly binded with MessageBox and picks up message with EDI.ToBeBatched=True. This flag is set when the message is received using edi receive pipeline. There is a component called "BatchMarker" in the receive pipeline that promotes and sets "EDI.ToBeBatched=True".

In scenario when the incoming message is a Non-EDI type (i.e a Positional Flat file), we have two options to promote the context properties that are required for Batching orchestration to work correctly. First option is to use Orchestration and second is to use a custom pipeline. In this example, I will demonstrate how to use an orchestration:

1. Create an orchestration that takes the Flat File message as input message
2. Create a Outbound Msg (Msgout) representing EDI schema
3. Add a map that does FF-->EDI conversion.
4. Create a correlation set containing 3 EDI context properites. Set these 3 propeties inside an expression shape within the context of a constuct block.

EDI834_Out(EDI.BatchId)=1; //get this ID from "Parties"
EDI834_Out(EDI.EncodingType)=0;// 0 for X12; 1 FOR EDIFACT

5. Initialize the correlation set in send port. This is the key step to promote the 3 context properties else you may end up "writing" the properties and not promoting them.
6. Bind the Orchestration Send Port directly to MessageBox
7. Create a Send Port that Filters "EDI.ToBeBatched=False". You may further differentiate by adding filter for BatchID.
8.Deploy the orchestation and start the send port.


Anonymous said...

In step 7th, should the Sent Port filter be "EDI.ToBeBatched=True" instead of "EDI.ToBeBatched=False"?


Shashikant Raina said...

Thanks Michael. It should be True.

Shashikant Raina said...

Hmm...I am not sure. According to my notes it should be False. Let me know which one works

praveen said...

Hi Shashikant,

I did as you had mentioned, however i am getting this error

Failed to publish (send) a message in the batch. This is usually because there is no one expecting to receive this message. The error was The published message could not be routed because no subscribers were found. with status -1061151998.

I created a physical sendport with the orchestration sendport binding set as Direct. Can you guide me what is the mistake am committing.