Sunday, October 05, 2008

Using SAP Biztalk 2006 R2 WCF adapter

Work involved in configuring SAP adapter can be divided into 2 steps. First step involves work done by Biztalk team and second step involves work done by SAP team.


Biztalk side needs to define a Program ID. SAP adapter then registers this Program ID to the SAP gateway defined in the URL. This Program ID then needs to be registered from SAP side. SAP admin should follow “Performing Tasks Using the SAP GUI for Specific SAP Adapter Scenarios” section of SAPAdapter.chm file.

Program ID will be unique per listener else SAP will send the document to random listeners. Each Receive location will be tied to a unique Program ID for an environment. Example: If same receive location is being used in 3 environments (DEV, QA and Prod) then 3 Program IDS are required to be set up for that single receive location. RFC checks the connection between SAP and biztalk using program id registered channel. SAP then sends IDOC to biztalk. Biztalk accepts this IDoc and processes it.
Configure recv location as shown:

Configure following URL at recv location

sap://CLIENT=[client ID] ;LANG=EN;@a/[servername]/[system ID]
?ListenerGwHost=[hostname]&ListenerGwServ=[gateway service name] &ListenerProgramId=[Program ID}

SAP team should supply with the above variables.
Do not forget to ask for user name and password to configure screen below:

Step 2: SAP TEAM

SAP team to supply:

1. client ID
2. servername
3. system ID
4. hostname
5. gateway service name
6. User ID
7. Password

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