Wednesday, July 25, 2007

DebugViewer in Biztalk

"DebugViewer" is another cool feature that comes with Biztalk 2006. Actually it is part of Studio 2005. Simple steps to use it:

1) Download and Install the tool from

2) Use System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine ( " Write the Message Here") inside Orchestration to display the message.
3) Check the capture menu on tool to ensure that all options are check marked except the last one (Log Boot). By default they are.
4) You can even filter the events on the viewer. Add a prefix before the message and use this Prefix to filter. Example: Use System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine ( Prefix +" Write the Message Here") . Filter gives both "include" and "exclude" options.

PS: Ensure that you are using "Development/Debug" mode while deploying the assembly. Debug command does not work with"Release/Deployment" mode. This is added benefit of using Debug namespace. There is no need to remove these lines of code while moving from development to deployment version. These lines will be supressed in the deployment version by design. Not quiet the case if System.Diagnostics.EventLog.WriteEntry namespace is used. In that case, these lines will have to be removed when moving from development to deployment version. Else there will be performance hit.

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