Saturday, April 21, 2007

Wild Wild World ....

It has been a while since I sat down in front of my computer to do any Blogging. I joined a new company in February and then took a 2-week vacation. I came back and have been working like crazy. Current project has been very challenging and a great learning experience. It is not an Integration Project and I am diversifying into area of Business Intelligence. I am working on collecting Business Requirement for a Financial System and also doing Project Management. Also providing direction to the financial department in the face of changes they have been going through lately. Doing this I am facing the classic dilemma: to diversify or to specialize?

I love working on Business Integration Projects involving Biztalk and this is my core strength. At the same time I want to get more exposure to other aspect of technologies to give me a broader perspective while dealing with Business Problems and providing the solutions. Well, there are definitely pros and cons of each approach. One of the immediate challenges I am facing is that I have my Biztalk 2006 exam due in less than a month and I still have no plan in place to prepare for the exam. I have been struggling to take out some time but the present project is really demanding and does not leave me anytime on week or on the weekend. The only time I get is at night but then I am too tired to do anything. Fact that I am not working on Biztalk project also does not help me in putting my mind in the right Biztalk perspective at the end of the day when I sit with my Biztalk book to prepare for the exam.

I really need to find a way to put a plan in place and I have to do it soon! Wish we had a 40 hour day.

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