Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Some New Features in Biztalk 2006

Biztalk 2006 has some little changes here and there that can contribute to efficiency. Some of them are:

1) Having a "drop" down on the top pane of Solution Explorer window.

As in Biztalk 2004 version there was a horizontal scrolling to view all the artifacts contained in the solution. This was very frustrating at times because one could not see all the artifacts at once and needed to keep clicking to get to the right one. 2006 has a drop down that gives the list of all the artifacts at once and one can just click the required one.

2) File adapter (recv and send) contains an option for authentication.

As in 2004 version, biztalk service account had to have full permissions on the shared drive that contains the receive or send folder. In 2006 it need not be. Any user name and password that has permissions to the shared drive can be used to access the shared driver from Biztalk Explorer. It need not be Biztalk service account.

3) File Adapter Batching

The receive location has option of batching the incoming file. This option was not available in 2004.

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