Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Secure FTP Adapter

Biztalk 2004 comes with out of box adapter for FTP. But if you want to transmit USING secure FTP then you need to install custom adapter. One of the recommended SFTP adapters by MSFT is from their partner /n Software. It is simple installation. Once the installation is done go to Biztalk Admin and click on Adapters. Then add New. Name it SFTP and then from the drop down "Adapter" chose the installed adapter.

Now, when you go and create a new Send Port. Under the Transport Type you can see the option for new adapter SFTP. You can open the properties for URI and add the information as you will add for standard FTP.

As far I know one of the drawbacks to this adapter is that it does not exposes its properties in Orchestration. I will dig deeper into this. If I can't access the properties in Orchestration then I can't use SFTP in a dynamic Port like I can use standard FTP.

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